(1000+ W-48V)

We are excited for our new turbine 1000+, which is right now being tested for maximum efficency. We are planning to release it soon.


MASTERX (500W-24/48V)

With engineering and elegance blended, MASTERX is one of the most efficient small scale wind turbines ever created.

Produces three phase alternating current.

With the LED on top, it’s fit for night usage.

With aerodynamically well designed third generation blades, starts at low speed winds.

Technical Details



As Yelmotor we present you DC200.

Light designed, starts at very low speed winds, suitable for marines.

With the LED on top, fit for night usage.

Has built-in rectifier, produces direct current.

Charge controller is optional.

Technical Details


Yelmotor presents you V100, vertical wind turbine with rated power of 100 W and maximum power of 150 W.

Comes with charge controller and has DC output.

Suitable for direct battery connection.

Suitable for RVs, boats, street lights or balconies.

Technical Details



Yelmotor presents you PT3000, water turbine blades designed for up to 3kWs of maximum power.

Blade material is either plastic or stainless steel, which is decided by the user.



Charge Controller (12/24/48V)

Designed specially for MASTERX, converts unregulated AC coming from the turbine and converts to regulated DC for the batteries.

Using dump load, charge controllers brakes the turbine when the batteries are charged, thus preventing the batteries from getting damage.

Technical Details