Our Current Phase/2019-…

We adapted the three blade wind turbine system, designed and produced our own charge controllers, and with what we learnt in 8 years,we laid the foundations to a better future.

Both for us and the humanity.

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Family Spreads/2014-2018

After a nearly three year span developing,testing and observing process,our system was set.

Our turbines started to spread all over the Turkey and the world.


First Products and Installations/2010-2013

After 6 months of designing and manufacturing process,we finally produced and installed our first small scale wind turbine systems.

We both installed three and five blade systems.Their power were usually about 300 W.

Our First Experiments/2007/Agva,Istanbul

We started experimenting with wind turbines in 2007.Our first model was an windmill type turbine.

What we learnt from this experience, laid the foundations to our way to small scale alternative wind turbines.