Turgay Mamur-Founder/CEO

Born in 1970.In 1991,graduated from Istanbul Technical University majoring in mechanical engineering.In 1996,had his master’s degree in robotics.

Since 1992,he has been in the casting,CNC machining,electronics,moldmaking,manufacturing industry.He was one of the first CNC educators and service engineers in Turkey.He founded Anka Engineering and Machinery in 1997 and AnkaCNC in 2001.

In 2007,he started to design windmill type wind turbines.In the same year made his first installation to Agva,Istanbul.Left AnkaCNC in 2010 and founded Yelmotor in 2011.

All designs and production process of Yelmotor wind turbines and charge controllers are made by Turgay Mamur.


By 2021,over 300 Yelmotor  wind turbines are being used in 6 continents!


What we aim as Yelmotor,

We aim for a cleaner,better,more sustainable future.We aim to give the next generations of humanity a more liveable planet.

For ten years since our foundation,we’ve been helping individuals to have a better life.

We aim to remove the borders of individuals to use electricity.

These are what we are aiming for.

These are why we are working for.