Since 2011,as Yelmotor, we are making the world breathe.

Join us in this process.

We present you high quality small scale wind turbine systems,supported by our 25+ years of engineering and manufacturing experience.



Meet our newly designed water turbine!

Comes with two different types:



PT500 380V- 3 Phase AC-With 20 Spoons-15 kW max. 

PT250 12/24/48V DC Output-Backup Turbine For Solar,Wind,Hybrid or Diesel Systems-With 18 Spoons-3 kW max.

Comıng soon



We are going to release our new model in December 2021.

It is going to be more powerful than any other turbines that we ever produced.

In the path to change the world,we continue to move forward.

With over 300 Yelmotor  wind turbines installed worldwide in 6 continents,our quality is proven!

All designs and production processes belongs to Yelmotor.

Humanity’s journey to harness the power of the nature began centuries ago,caused by will,needs and curiosity to understand the world around us.

We aim to take more leaps in this journey and set paths for the next generations to come.